CrossFit Opens Wrap Up Thoughts

As the person who creates the daily workout for CFCL, The 5 weeks of the Opens is a really fun time. I looked forward to being “told” what to do and surprised every Thursday night as the event was announced.

After the workout was announced, I would get the same feelings I had when I started doing CrossFit.

“How is this workout going to feel? How should I approach it? Is this in my wheelhouse? If not…what/how should I prepare?"

It’s exciting and I hope you had as much fun with it as I did!

Now that The Opens has come to an end looking back on the 5 weeks, I am so proud of everyone at CFCL.

This years Opens events were not things that I have typically programmed. Heavy snatches, bar muscle ups and toes to bar together, and really high rep dumbbell snatches.

You all stepped right up to the challenges each Friday in classes and at the AWESOME Friday night lights events and every week made me so excited, proud, honored and fired up.

From watching people get their first bar muscle ups, pull ups and toes to bar during 17.2, snatching and overhead squatting PR’s, improvements in the retest workout 17.4 over 16.4, and grinding through 40 minutes of thrusters and double unders, this was a great year.

Every year I hear something like  “I’m not going to regionals, I don’t need to do the Opens.” And if that’s not your goal, or you’re not interested in competing against others, you’re right, you don’t need to do anything, nor does anyone. But there's something palpable, encouraging and different about The Opens. This year the quote is “there’s magic in The Opens” and it’s true.

You’ll often rise or fall to the level of your environment and the surrounding people. In work, play and CrossFit. During The Opens there’s a rise in the expectation and drive that’s different then other times of the year.  Year after year, you rise to meet that expectation. At the end of it, you’ve done things you wouldn’t have tried and done them well. You realize your stronger, more capable and able then you think you are and can build on that throughout the year.

The Opens aren’t all about competing. It’s a time where we get together as community to bring each other up, expect more from our selves and each other, break the “routine” and push the margins of our experiences out further. We create our best selves this way and I’m proud of the way everyone at CFCL did it this year.

-Coach Mat