Thursday 030917


Goal Day
Odd: Movement 1
Even: Movement 2

Coaches Note: If you ever say "I want to get better at _____" today's the day you'll work on what it is!
Today, you'll pick two movements you want to get better with. Coaches will help you set the amount of reps, distances and weights if needed.

The way to get the most out of today is to pick two things you're not great at, weaknesses.

When you train your weaknesses you make your strengths better.
Does that seem backwards?
It's not. Think of a suit of armor. If you make the weakest part of your armor strong, your entire suit of armor is now stronger.

Back when CrossFit was starting, Coach Glassman (CrossFit's founder and CEO) trained a group of skiiers. They were not good at pull ups. Pull ups don't have anything to do with skiiing but when they did CrossFIt they got better at pull ups.
When they went back to the slopes, their ski racing times were better. Why? Becuase they worked their weaknesses.