Tuesday 051617

It's called stretching. Get used to it!

It's called stretching. Get used to it!

"Old Fashioned"
21-15-9 Overhead Squat (135/95 lbs)
500 M Row after each set of Overhead Squats

Rest 10 Minutes

Pick a skill to practice!

Coaches Note: "Old Fashioned" is a referenace to the classic CrossFit.com style workouts that were originally designed by CrossFIt's founder, Greg Glassman. The website CrossFit.com first came about when someone suggested that he start a blog. So he started posting daily workouts. Many of the most memorable were short and sweet with a sting that got to the point of building fitness. The best way to approach today is to utilize a weight for the Overhead Squats that is not immediately painfully difficult but that sets in over the course of the first 7-10 reps. You should be able to overhead squat at at least 15 reps in a row on set 1. If you want to go Rx but not sure you're able to do that requirement, talk to the coaches in class and we'll help figure out an approprite rep range so you can stay with the weight!