Friday 051917


Build up to a heavy - but not max Thruster

"Bold Move"
3 Rounds for TIme
12 Front Squats (185/125 lbs)
12 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
12 Box Jump Overs (28"/22")

Coaches Note: Last Wednesday we talked about using the valsalva breathing technique to maitain a rigid core during lifting.
Today's Front Squats are the perfect example of a time when you should be using this technique. Today the weight should be heavy. You might break every single set of squats up, that's ok, today if the weight isn't making you a little excited, talk to one of the coaches and ask what you should do.
Here's how to do the valsalva technique:
With the bar on your shoudlers, standing all the way up, before the squat, breath in then try to breath out but don't let any air out. You'll feel some pressure in your abs. Squeeze your butt. Now squat down and up while maintaining that presure or slightly letting a little out like water forcing it's way out out of capped sprinkler. Stand all the way back up. Breath out.