Sunday, August 20 2017

Run, Joanna!

Run, Joanna!

Goal Day

Odd: Goal 1
Even: Goal 2

Coaches Note: Today is a GREAT day. It's all about practicing movements each of you need!

Our suggestions:
- Pick movements that you're not good at. If you struggle with double unders in a WOD, today do them as one of your movements. You'll end up better after today because you'll PRACTICE. Toes to bar, handstand push ups and pull ups are often faorite movements on a day like today.

- Lift! Today's WOD format is a great opportunity to do some ascending lifting. With the lower time pressure as compared to a 3 rounds for time style workout where you're trying to go as fast as you can, you can focus a little more today.

-This WOD is not only for skill work. If you're someone who dreads running, rowing, wall balls, or burpees, this is an opportunity to work in sets of manageable reps and distances, practicing breathing. 

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September 9: 6th Anniversary Members Only Throwdown! One of the best times of the year! Whether your new to CFCL or have been coming for years (you can attest this is an awesome event!) you should sign up to be on a team! More info and sign up below!