Thursday, September 14 2017

Caption this!

Caption this!

Teams of 2
Dumbbell Snatches (50/35)
Bar Facing Burpees

10 Rounds total, 5 Each
Bar Facing Burpees
Dumbbell Snatch

Complete 9 Bar Facing Burpees, and 9 DB Snatches, then 6 of each, then 3 of each. That was 1 round. Then your partner goes through Round 2, alternating for 10 rounds total.

Upcoming Events

Barbell Betty's is back!

For 5 weeks, starting September 25, Coach Cassi will lead a lucky group of women on a journey through the world of weightlifting.  They'll squat.  They'll lunge.  They'll press.  They'll sweat.  They'll use chalk.  They'll get STRONGer!

This small group will meet 2x/week (for 5 weeks) on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8-9PM.  On both days Betty's will lift and on one day they'll also do some fun conditioning.  Betty's CAN be mixed with regular CrossFit WODs and is open to CFCL members and non-members. This time around Betty's will also include a third day of workouts and accessory work to be completed at home (no equipment required)!

With an overwhelming demand, registration for this round of Barbell Betty's is now full. 
If you wanted to be part of the program but were unable, please email Coach Cassi to be put on the wait list.