Saturday 122416

Pick up to 2
Strenght Focus
Squat Cleans
3×5 @70-80% – Drop and reset each rep

Strength and Gymnastics Focus
Overhead Squats (205/135)
Rope climbs
Rest 30 seconds

Strengh and Gymnastics Focus
5 Rounds
150' 53/35 kettlebell" baby carry
15 Lateral bar burpees
150' 53/35 kettlebell" baby carry
Rest 90 seconds
*KB Baby Carry = hold the kettlebell against your chest, wrap your arms around it and hug it against your chest.

Cardio and Endurance Focus
Run 2 miles, Bike 6 Miles or Row 4 K

Gymnastics Focus
EMOM 20 minutes
Even: 10 GHD Sit Ups (Scale Reps as needed, especailly if you do not do these often, do 5 Reps each me.)
Odd: 15 Push Ups

Coach Steve