Saturday 081316

In Suggested Order:
Warm Up
3×25 Band pull-a-parts
Row 500m
2 Rounds of the following complex:
8 Pull-ups
4 CTB pull-ups
2 Bar muscle-ups

Bench Press - No Bounce
5×5 @70% – Slow on the way down, explosive on the way up.

Max Seated Dumbbell Presses
Neutral Grip, Each dumbbell should be somewhere near 25% of your 1RM (200lb barbell strict press, use 50# dumbbells) Do a max effort set, put the dumbbells down and take 15 deep breaths, do another max set, put the dumbbells down again and take 15 deep breaths, do one more max effort set. Three sets total of as many reps as you can do with 15 deep breaths as rest. If you do 10 or less reps on your first it’s probably too heavy, 20+ too light.
*Courtesy of MisFit Athletics

Pause Hang Position Squat Clean
6×3 @70-80% of the last clean rep you hit during test week – Drop, reset, and perform a perfect clean DL between each rep. Jerk the last rep of each set.
DO NOT jam the bar into your hip pocket and bounce it out so you can write a big number for your score. It’s time to start over and clean the movement up. Pause, extend through heels. No heaving.

AMRAP 30 Minutes
40 Wallballs (20/14)
20 6" Target Burpees
10 Clean and Jerks (135/95)
Run 200m with med ball

Coach Steve