Tuesday 082316

Warm Up
3×12 Hip extension w/20 second hollow rock between each set
4 Rounds
Row 200m
10 Empty bar OHS

Do 1 heavy set of 5 deadlifts – Try to use the same weight you used last week for 4
Warm up with light triples, moderate doubles, then heavy singles until your weight for the set of 5.

Pause Power Position Squat Snatch
4×1 @90-100%

Low Hang Pause Squat Snatch
Drop the weight for first few sets and get used to the movement before adding more weight.
Low Hang = below knee.
If technque is sloppy, stop at that weight.

Pick 1

AMRAP 6 minutes
10 Thrusters (95/65)
8 Box Jumps (24"/20″)
6 Burpees
2 Rounds
Run 1 mile
Rest 5 minutes

Pulling Strength
6 Rounds
Max reps weighted strict pull-up in one set at 50% of your test week 3RM
Rest 90-180 seconds

Coach Steve