Monday 080816

In suggested order:
Warm Up
3×12 Hip Extension
2 Minute banded glute activation work
3 Rounds
Row 250m
10 Kipping HSPU

Back Squat
5×5 @70%
Two quick notes on this squat cycle: Make sure you're warm. Don't start your working sets until you are. And move with SPEED on the way up.

5×5 @70%
Squeeze every muscle in your body, keep technique! No lean back upright bench pressing.

10 Rounds
10 Assault Bike calorie SPRINT
Rest 45 seconds

Then, depending on your weaknesses, choose ONE of the following:

5 Rounds
15 Wall Balls (30/20)
12 Kettlebell Swings (70/53)
9 Box Jumps (30"/24")

EMOM 10 Minutes
2 Strict muscle-ups

Coach Steve