Tuesday 080916

`In suggested order:
Warm Up
3×10 Good mornings (light-medium weight)
3 Rounds
.5 Mile Assault Bike
15 Box jump overs 24/20″
15 Push-ups

Work up to ONE heavy set of 3 reps– Lift, control weight all the way to the floor, take your hands off the bar, put them back on and repeat
Warm up with light triples, moderate doubles, then heavy singles until your chosen weight for the set of 3.

Hang Power Snatch
Pause power position snatch 6×3 @70-80% of the last clean rep you hit during test week – Drop, reset, and perform a perfect snatch DL between each rep.
This is a pause in the power position. DO NOT jam the bar into your hip pocket and bounce it out. Pause, exented through heels. No heaving.

4 Rounds

Run 800m
Rest 3 minutes

Then, depending on your weaknesses, choose ONE of the following:

AMRAP 7 Minutes
3 Power cleans 205/135lbs
3 CTB pull-ups
3 Power cleans 205/135lbs
6 CTB pull-ups
3 Power cleans 205/135lbs
9 CTB pull-ups
3 Power cleans 205/135lbs
12 CTB pull-ups
And so on…

5×5 Weighted strict pull-up
Start at a doable weight, pull fast, then work up each set to more challenging weights.

Coach Steve