Wednesday 011817

Metcon Focus
Hang squat clean (135/95lbs)
Box jump (24/20″)
Toes to bar
Rest 2 minutes
Hang squat clean
Box Jumps
Toes to bar

Cardio and Endurance Focus
4 Rounds
Run 600m or Row 750 or Bike 1.1 M
Rest 2 minutes

Gymnastics Focus
3 Rounds
Partner 1: Row 500m
Partner 2: Max reps HSPU
Partner 2: Row 500m
Partner 1: Max reps HSPU
While one partner rows, the other does HSPU, and the switch happens at the completion of each row. Both athletes will row three times and do HSPU three times.

Crash B's Focus
Row for 15 Minutes
*Pace should not be hard. If you know your best 2k pace, your pace today should be your average 500 m split + 10-15 seconds.
***If you don't have a 2k PR, today keep your pace on the slower side but compare it to walking, jogging, running and somwehere between a jog and run. 

Coach Steve