Thursday 012017

Todays Recommendation: Squat Cleans then pick 1 you need the most

Metcon Focus
EMOM until failure (20 minute cap)
Even: 10 Power clean 135/95lbs
Odd: 12 Bar facing burpees

Strength Focus
Squat Cleans
EMOM 5 minutes
5 Touch and go squat cleans
Start in the neighborhood of 65-70% of your clean max and work up if you can.

Strength Focus
Push Jerks
Using the same weight as last week. Work up to a set of 6 push jerks from the floor, then 36 push jerks for time with the same weight as the 30 for time last week. All sets taken from the ground

Cardio and Endurance Focus
Every 2:30 until failure
10/8 Assault Bike calories*
*Add 4/2 calories each round

Gymnastics Focus
With a partner switching anytime:
6 Rounds
100 Double-unders
25 Chest to Bar pull-ups

Crash B's Focus
4x5 Minute Row
Follow this structure for each 5 minute row:
15 second on (row hard) and 15 seconds off (row easy)
Rest 3-5 Minutes between sets.

**Warm up for ten minutes focusing on the stroke structure


Coach Steve