Friday 012717

Todays Suggestion: Strength Focus, Gymnastics Focus and 1 other if desired

Strength Focus
EMOM 5 Minutes
5 Touch and Go Squat Snatch
Start in the neighborhood of 65-70% of your snatch max and work up if you can.

Gymnastics Focus
4 Rounds
:30 seconds GHD Sit Ups
1 Minute Handstand Push Ups
Rest 90 seconds

Cardio and Endurance
Bike 50 Cal x 4
Rest 3:00

Pulling Stamina
With a partner switching after complete rounds:
8 Rounds for time
Row 250m
10 Muscle Ups
*If unable to do Muscle Ups do:
10 Modified Knee Muscle Ups

Crash B Focus
**Warm up for ten minutes focusing on the stroke structure
(Include this drill
What is your fastest 500 M Row?
What speed do you want to row your Crash B 2k at?
How fast is that per 500 M?
Take that split time, add 2-5 seconds.
6 x 500 M Row at that speed.
Rest 1 Min between

Coach Steve