Friday, October 13 2017

Strength Focus
Front Squat
5 x 3 @ 85-87.5%

5 x 5

Gymnastics Focus
Muscle Ups
3-5 Muscle Ups
Compare to the last 2 weeks. If all were unbroken and consistent, go up.
If you tried to go up last week but at some point weren't able to complete all the reps, do the same reps this week and try to complete it.

*If you cannot do a muscle up but CAN do Chest to Bar Pull Ups & Ring Dips do Kneeling Modified Muscle Ups
*If you're unable to do a chest to bar pull up/ring dip do
5 Rounds
3-5 Band Assisted Chest to Bar Pull Ups
6 Close Grip Push Ups (hands on bench or box if needed).
3 x 8 Dumbbell Hammer Bicep Curls

Rachel Binette