Friday 021717

Today's Recommendation: Pick the 1 you need most

Opens Focus
3 Rounds
80 Double Unders
40 Toes to bar
20 Bench press 185/115lbs (155/105lbs round 2 – 135/95lbs round 3)
Rest 2 minutes

Strength Focus
Using the same weight as last week. Work up to a set of 6 push jerks from the floor, then 36 push jerks for time with the same weight as the 30 for time last week. All sets taken from the ground.

Cardio and Endurance Focus
EMOM 20 minutes
10/8 Assault Bike calorie SPRINT

Gymnastics Focus
With a partner
AMRAP 5 minutes – Switching anytime
Max sets of 7 unbroken Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Coach Steve