Wednesday 020817

Todays Suggestion: Pick 1 or 2

CrossFit Opens Focus
3 Rounds
25 Calorie Bike
20 Dumbbell Lunges (45/35)
7 Muscle Ups
Rest 2 minutes
*If you do not have Muscle Ups - do low ring transitions and after completing the 3 rounds, complete 5 x 7 Kip Swings on Rings

Cardio and Endurance Focus
2 Rounds
Run 1 mile
Rest 5-10 minutes

Gymnastics Focus
AMRAP 10 minutes – one person working at a time
Unbroken sets of 7 Handstand Push Ups
All sets must be 7 reps. You do not have to alternate if one athlete needs an extra break and the other athlete can hit back to back sets.

Coach Steve