Wednesday 042617

Strength Focus
Seated Box Jump

4 x 2
How high should the box be you jump on? Start low, this is the first time you're doing them. Focus on being EXPLOSIVE.
6 Sets - Ascending
1 Clean Lift Off + 1 Clean Pull + 1 Power Clean + 1 Front Squat
Squat Clean 6×2
Perfect reps only. Doubles can be successfully done between 60 and 95%. Cleaning up movement should not exceed 70%. If movement feels good make your way towards 90%. All percentages are based of 1RM.

Want to know what a clean lift off and clean pull is?
Click here for the movement instructions.

Gymnastics Focus
4 Rounds
20-30 second hollow hold
1 minute Double Kettlebell Hold - 1 in each hand, standing in place (70s/53s)
10 Tempo Swings on the rings
25 second top of a GHD Hip Extension Hold (Superman Hold)

Coach Steve