Friday 051917

Strength Focus
2 Rounds
Band Walks 15 steps Left, 15 right
10 Hip Extensions - SLOW
Back Squat 4 x 4 @70-80% of 1RM
No oly’s belt or sleeves. Clean up your form and technique. Same weight as last week.
5 Rounds
1 Lap Prowler Push (Down and back)
1 Lap Farmers Carry (heavy)
Rest as needed

Gymnastics Focus
4 Rounds Rest as needed between movements and rounds.
60 second Nose to Wall or as high as comfortable wall climb hold
Single Leg Broad Jump x 5 Jumps/leg
*Balance on one leg, broad jump as far as possible forward, land on both feet. Balance on the other leg, repeat.
10 Unbroken Strict Pull Ups - use a band as needed - must be unbroken. If you fail in the middle of a set, stop , get a thicker band for the next set and move onto the wall climb hold.

Coach Steve