Friday 060917

Strength Focus
Back Squat
3 x 5 @ 80%
3 Sets
8 Back Rack Reverse
5 sets
20 yard prowler drag - holding straps behind you. The sled should be VERY heavy. You will be moving slowly but constantly.
Rest 2-3 Mintues between sets.

Gymnastics Focus
1) 10-15 Pistols per side (Add weight if easy, Modify to: 5# weight under heel, or depth)
2) 10 Prone, feet elevated Ring Rows (laying as flat as possible)
*You may be thinking this is getting boring, when are we gonna do the sexy stuff? If you've been doing the Gymnastics Focus all this is for a reason. Stay the course.
200 M Double KB Front Rack Carry (53/35)

Coach Steve