Tuesday 071117


Strength Focus
Find your 5 Rep Max Press
Push Jerk
3 x 3 @ 5 RM Press
Tricep Band Pull Downs 3 x 20
- loop a band around pull up bar, grab one end in each hand and pull down to hips. Keep elbows stationary!
Inbetween each set do
10 Ring Rows with Pull Apart @ 2111
- Palms facing down, pull rings slightly apart as you pull up.
- 1 second pull up, pause 1 second, 2 second lower, pause 1 second.

Gymnastics Focus
5 sets
3-15 Ring Push Ups (same number every set. Do the same amount as last week)
3 sec Pull Up Lock Off hold
Hold @ Chin Above Bar, 50% down, and 90% down
- Hold yourself at the top, then lower and hold again, lower and hold again, done.
Accumulate 1 Minute in a Hanging L-Sit Hold

Cardio and Endurance Focus
3 Rounds
Run 1000 M
Rest 3 Minutes

Coach Steve