Tuesday, August 15 2017

Strength Focus
Press 5 x 5 @ 90% of 5 RM

Seated Single arm DB or KB press
4 x 8 per arm
- Hold equal weights in each hand, press both arms overhead. Leave one arm locked overhead, do the 8 presses on the other arm. Once you complete 8, switch which one is holding and which is doing the pressing.
In between each set do:
8 Ring Rows @ 2111

Gymnastics Focus
5 Sets
3 Strict Chest to Bar Pull Ups
3 Kipping/Butterfly Chest to Bar Pull Ups
3 Bar Muscle Ups
Rest as Needed
*We will be adding reps to this complex weekly!

If unable to do a Bar MU or Chest to Bar Pull Up today do:
3 x 10
Strict Band Assisted Chest to Bar Pull Ups - Unbroken
& 3 x 10 Dumbbell Bicep Curls.

Endurance Focus
10 Minute Run
Rest 5 Mintues
10 Minute Run

Rachel Binette