Tuesday, August 8 2017

Strength Focus
5 x 5 @ 90% of 5 RM from last week
3 Sets
1 Push Press + 2 Split Jerks
Tricep Band Pull Downs 3 x 20
- loop a band around pull up bar, grab one end in each hand and pull down to hips. Keep elbows stationary!

In between each set: 
10 Ring Rows with Pull Apart @ 2111
- Palms facing down, pull rings slightly apart as you pull up.
- 1 second pull up, pause 1 second, 2 second lower, pause 1 second.

Gymnastics Focus
5 sets
8 Ring Rows w/ Pull Apart @ 2111 (from weightlifting)
50' HS Walk
50 Double Unders
*If unable to do HS Walk, do a BOX HSPU Around The World walk - go to a pike on the box. Keep toes on the box, and walk around in a circle halfway around the box then go back to the starting spot.

What is @2111? Click here!

Endurance Focus
3 Rounds
1k Row
1 Mile Bike
Rest 3 Minutes

Rachel Binette