Saturday, September 16 2017

Strength Focus
Every 2 Minutes for 6 Minutes (3 sets)
Pausing Snatch DL - Pause below knee and at mid thigh for 1-1 thousand count.
After pause at mid thigh stand all the way up, and perform:
1 High Hang Squat Snach + 1 Hang Squat Snatch + 1 Low Hang Squat Snatch (just below knee) + 1 Overhead Squat

Every 2 Minutes for 12 Minutes (6 sets)
1 Pause Hang Power Snatch + 2 Pause Hang Squat Snatch
*Pause in Hang Position after each reset.

Gymnastics Focus
3 Rounds
50 Double Unders
10-30 Push Ups
20 Toes to Bar
Rest 90 seconds
Go for unbroken Push Ups
If unable to do 10 chest to deck perfect reps, go up on whatever elevated surface needed to be able to get 10.

Cardio and Endurance Focus
8 x 500 M Row
Rest 1 Minute in between sets
Row at 2k Pace + 12-15 seconds (12-15 seconds slower then your best 2k pace)

Rachel Binette