Saturday, May 5 2018

Strength Focus
Bottom Up Front Squat
Set the bar at your bottom position of your squat.
Get under the bar, rack position, stand up to full extension from bottom, up.
Find a heavy 1 Rep.
Every 90 seconds
2 Front Squats (normal)
@ 85%

Seated Barbell Press
5 x 5

Gymnastics Focus
6 Rounds
750 M Concept 2 Bike
7 Ring Muscle Ups

*Modify reps on Muscle Ups 2-4
**If able to do Chest ot Bar Pull ups and Ring Dips but not MU, modify Muscle Ups to 4 Banded Muscle Ups ( hyperlink)
***If unable to do Chest to bar pull ups, and ring dips complete:
800 M Run
5 Rounds
5 Strict Pull Ups
5 Close Grip Push Ups
then 800 M Run

Rachel Binette