Tuesday, June 5 2018

Every 2 Minutes x 10 Minutes (5 Sets)
10 Deadlifts
Add 5-15 LBS compared to last week

Max Sets of Unbroken Toes to Bar
If you can do 15+ unbroken reps do 8 unbroken reps today.
If you can do 10-15 unbroken reps, do 5 unbroken reps today.
If you can do 5-10 unbroken reps do 3 unbroken today.
If you are unable to do consecutive unbroken toes to bar complete:
5 x 10 Upside down V-Ups with feet on the rower seat.

400 Meter Single Arm Kettlebell Carry
Complete 200 M on one side before switching to the other. You may take a break during the 200 M but do not switch hands, pick it back up with the same hand, finish 200, do the 2nd 200 with other hand.

Rachel Binette