Tuesday, July 31 2018

Clean and Jerk
1 Power Clean + 3 Jerks
@ 80% of best Jerk

3 x 8
- Heavy

Single Arm Kettlebell Farmers Carry
200 Meters Left Arm
200 Meters Right Arm

We've been doing this a lot lately and I haven't told you why!

This is called unilateral (one-sided) midline strength training.
In comparison to holding 2 kettlebells where other musculature can compensate, the one-sided variation makes the demand on the other much more (duh!) and can produce a strength benefit that is different from the double handed version.
The force your muscles have to create to keep you from tilting sideways is much greater than the two-handed variant's demand from your midline.
Result: you have a stronger midline. Better squats, deadlifts, cleans, toes to bar etc.
The time under tension of the carry is one of the other important pieces. Time under tension is an important component to strength training. Like doing a set of 20 back squats, part of the struggle is just holding the bar, the muscles are trained differently then holding it for 2 reps even if very heavy. Like our overall training methodology, variance exposes all weak spots and this exercise helps improve midline strength.

Rachel Binette