Monday, August 13 2018

Back Squat
5 x 2 @ 80%
5 Broad Jumps after each set.
We took a break from doing this last week but are coming back to it.
This strenght protocol of a heavy squat followed by max effort jumping utilizes a training method called post activation potentiation (PAP).
When doing a training session like this the force of a muscle can be increased because of its previous efforts. The squat fatigues your body and when forced to jump as far as possible, the muscles have to overcompensate and craete an extra amount of force to jump.
Benefits from this training transletes into pure strength as well as oly and speed strength.
Benefits from this training take time to accumulate and require 8 weeks of repetition. We're in the 5th week. We will continue using this method of squatting to improve your squatting and explosive power for a few more weeks!

3 Rounds
200 M single arm KB Farmers Carry - 100 M L, 100 M R
1 Minute Front Plank
30 second side plank per side
Rest 1 Minue

Rachel Binette