Tuesday, August 13 2019

For quality:
50 GHD Sit ups

- If we have been away from the gym and haven't accumulated 50 GHD sit ups in the past week, modify to 30 total reps

- If we haven't performed full range of motion GHD sit ups in a workout, but have been doing GHD sit ups to parallel at least once a week for over a month, perform 20 full range of motion reps

- If we have been doing mostly ab-mat sit ups at the full written rep scheme in workouts consistently for the past month, perform 20 total partial range of motion GHD sit ups if you are looking (only if you feel ready to jump on it)

- If we are still unsure about the GHD and have never been on it before, perform 50 ab-mat sit ups for quality

Rachel Binette