How to read the whiteboard

The whiteboard is an important part at CrossFit City Line. It's something that you should get familiar with. There's a lot of info on the whiteboard and when you first look at it, it may look like another language. Don't worry, it's not. Here's how to navigate it.

Start at the top left, the orange box is the day of the week. Simple enough right?

Next look below and to the left, the green box. This is the Pre Game or individual warm up. At the start of every class the CFCL coaches will lead the entire class through a comprehensive warm up but we recommend you come in a few minutes early if possible. When you do, do the Pre Game. It has specific skills to practice, and exercises that will help you be ready for the upcoming workout. Feel free to include other movements that you want to practice. If you're not sure what one of the exercises is, you can skip it or ask a coach. Hold off on doing big stretches until you've gone through the Pre Game. This is also a good time to use the foam rollers.

To the right is a purple box. This is where the Workout Of The Day is written. Depending on the day, we might do weightlifting or work on a skill before our main workout for the day. We'll do weighted squats, presses, deadlifts and other exercises to continue to improve strength.

Below that, the blue box is the main workout for the day. We'll go over form an technique each day for the exercise here so don't worry if you're not sure what something is, we got your back. It will frequently have a number next to it, it's a record keeping system for us and for you to refer back to workouts.

Below that in the grey box is the After Party. After the workout is over we may do a short additional mini workout. We don't always do these, but when we do they are really fun you don't want to miss these!

Below that to the left in the redish box is the Box News. This has a list of upcoming events/schedule updates/important notices that are happening at the gym and that you should know about.

The middle is where all the daily results go. At each class, before you leave, write your name and the things you did down on the board. If we lifted that day, what weight did you use? If we did a 3 round for time workout, how long did it take you? Was it an AMRAP? How many rounds and reps did you do? Take pride in writing your numbers down. The coaches look at these performances and even write them down. We see how you're doing and can better help coach you. We also encourage you to write your results down in a log book. We have CFCL log books available for purchase here or you can use your own. We recommend good old paper and pen.

The last box, to the right, the purple box, is the Accomplishment boxes! When you do something you've never done here, write it in those boxes. Jump on a 20" box for the first time? Write it up! Lift a weight you've never lifted before? Write it up! Even the little things. We take pride in progress. You should too.