3 Tips for a Better Deadlift

3 Tips for a Better Deadlift
By Coach Cassi

Here’s 3 Tips for a better deadlift (my FAVORITE barbell movement!)

1. Set up strong! Knowing your setup position (and maintaining that position) will help you move the bar more easily. With practice, a strong set up will allow you to move more weight.

As you set up, think about pulling your shoulder blades down and back as if you’re trying to squeeze a pencil between your shoulder blades.  While you pull your shoulder blades back be sure that your lats (the muscles along the sides/back of your back along your ribs) and belly are also engaged; you should feel your core working to help maintain a neutral lumbar curve (a flat back).

2. Keep the bar close!  Once you’re set up and ready to go, keep the bar close to your body.  As you begin to lift (keeping your core on and active) drive through your heels and pull the bar into your body – you should feel the bar against your shins and against your thighs.  If the bar pulls away from you as you’re lifting, you’re not only making the weight you’re holding seem heavier to lift, but you’re also at bigger risk of losing that strong set up your striving for.  Pull the bar IN!

3. Pay attention on your way back to the ground. If you aren't dropping the bar at the top of your lift, you need to go back to the ground with control. As you send your hips back and the bar moves closer to the ground, imagine landing back in that original set up position as soon as the bar touches the ground. To get there, keep the bar close to your body by letting it slide down your thighs and just gently graze the legs  before touching the ground (just like you did on the way up!) At the bottom, the weights should be in contact with the ground again, your back should be flat and your midline still braced.