How to Use Open Gym

Open Gym is an ideal time to focus on exactly what you need. 

Open Gym is an ideal time to focus on exactly what you need. 

-by Coach Cassi

Have you ever missed classes on a day that you wanted to train? Open Gym is an awesome time, but we know that it can be intimidating to come in and not really know what to do. Below you'll find a few options to make the most of Open Gym! 

"Make Up" a WOD

Was there a workout you REALLY wanted to try but just couldn't make it in for a class? Take a look at that workout and get after it!

Pro Tip - If the workout you want to "make up" happens the day you are in for Open Gym or the day before take a look at the whiteboard! Checking out the times and weights that are up there should help you figure out what you are aiming to accomplish during that workout and help you scale appropriately to do so. Still unsure of what weights and scaling options to choose? Start keeping a logbook of each of your workouts to help you understand what you've accomplished in the past and how to build up from there!

Daily Challenge

A lot of what we do in CrossFit can be broken down into Strength, Endurance, or Gymnastics. The Daily Challenge is created with those three focuses in mind and a plan to help you get better at each of those skill sets.

Pro Tip - The Daily Challenge is intended to give you a specific focus. Want to get stronger? Follow Strength. Faster? Follow Endurance. More Gymnasty? Follow Gymnastics. Pick ONE focus and follow it through for 6 weeks to 3 months. Yup, that long!  These things take time! By sticking with one focus and working each aspect of it with the Daily Challenge you will develop strength, experience and confidence with movements that you may not have dedicated much time to in the past. Practice and patience will take you far!

Most of your goals in CrossFit will require some practice time outside of classes. 

Most of your goals in CrossFit will require some practice time outside of classes. 

Goal Work

Have a few skills that you want to hone in on? Open Gym is a great time to practice those skills at your own pace!

Pro Tips - If the skills you are working on are familiar to you and you are ready to start incorporating them into workout (IE moving from a banded pull up to an unassisted pull up) but you are worried that in a workout you will feel too stressed or fatigued, incorporate that skill into an Every Minute On The Minute during Open Gym time. This will give you the opportunity to practice the movement, get used to the clock and still have some built in rest time to recover between minutes (IE EMOTM 10 - 1 Unassisted Pull Up). If the skills are unfamiliar to you, use that Open Gym time as a pure skill session. This is time to strictly focus on technique. Unsure of what drills you should be following for the skill you are striving towards? Talk to a coach about a 30 minute skill session with them to learn those drills with their help and then use the drills as your "homework" during Open Gym time.