The Athlete's System - What We're Doing

Together is better. 

Together is better. 

What is the most challenging part of making a body composition change? Sticking with it long enough to see lasting results.

Most nutrition challenges are 6 weeks long or less. This is 1) not enough time to see the results we are ultimately looking for, 2) is not enough time to get past the initial motivation high of trying something new, and 3) is not enough time to build the habits necessary to keep on changing after the challenge is over.

We are currently 8 weeks into The Athlete's System, with 4 weeks left. Much of what the coaches are doing is troubleshooting with athletes to help them achieve consistency in reaching their macro goals. This takes many forms, because each of us have different mindsets and lifestyles that need to be taken into account. A parent of 3 with a full time job is going to have very different needs than a student on a budget. Someone who has tracked macros before and weighed and measured their food is going to need different support than someone who is tracking for the first time.

Each week we monitor every athlete's spreadsheets and adjust their plans based off of factors like weight, waist measurement, sleep, water intake, and compliance, as well as their ongoing results in relation to their goals.

There is a very important reason that we made “compliance” the way to win back their money for The Athlete’s System: consistency is the path to long term success. The athletes who meet their macro goals within 5g every day (with one 20g cheat day per month) are not only the ones who end up winning their money back--they are also the ones who have built the habits necessary for long term success. 

Coaches are also continuing to adjust the macro goals of every athlete, depending on how consistent they’ve been able to reach their current goals, how they are responding in energy levels, mood, and body composition changes, and how close they are to their ideal numbers. By ideal numbers, we mean the macro goal that will allow them to lose body fat or gain muscle long term. In continuously adjusting the numbers from where they started to where they are going to end up, we make the transition more sustainable.

In addition to coach support, athletes use our Facebook group to share their wins, offer advice, notify everyone of recipes or foods they are trying and liked, and post questions or concerns. They validate and support one another as much as the coaches do.

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