The Athlete's System - What About After?

Learning how to stick to the plan when the system ends is how we find long-term success.

Learning how to stick to the plan when the system ends is how we find long-term success.

One of the biggest problems with typical nutrition challenges is that when they end, there is no transition period from eating very well to being on our own. Our goal is to ensure that our athletes can fly on their own once the 12-week system is over. 

Each athlete set out on The Athlete's System with a different goal: cutting (losing body fat), maintaining, or gaining (adding muscle, minimizing body fat gain).  Some athletes will find that they wish to continue to lean out, some will be satisfied with their fat loss and will want to stay the same, and still others will be ready to gain muscle. 

Factors that we take into account for each individual are:

-energy levels,
-self-assessed performance in CrossFit or sport, and
-body composition changes (InBody scan, progress pictures, and weight and waist measurements).

There are many paths that athletes may choose to pursue, and the coaches are ready to assist athletes in setting new goals and continuing their progress. 

Accountability is a huge part to sticking with any plan, and accountability can come in a variety of forms based on what each individual needs. At a minimum, we will encourage athletes to continue to use one another through our Facebook group to share wins and support whenever they need it. In addition, setting up a consultation with a coach one month from the program ending, possibly including an InBody Scan, is a smart move. One month "on our own" is a great step in testing out how life factors affect our ability to stick with a plan, but with a little less guidance.  It is a learning opportunity to take all that we have learned from The Athlete's System and apply it to our lifestyles. 

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