2018 Opens Wrap-Up - 18.1

Welcome to the Opens Wrap Up, a weekly post with highlights and updates from the Intramural CrossFit Open! 

And the winner of Week 1 is....

If you haven't seen it yet, check out our post announcing this week's Intramural winner! 

Team Scores

1st Place: Quad Squad (87)
2nd Place: We Cannoli Win (80)
3rd Place: You Wanna Pizza Me? (73)
4th Place: Green Monstahs (72)

Team Spirit Award: Quad Squad won the Team Spirit Award with their black war paint during FNL. Cool move, guys, let's see what you've got next week! 

Top Performances

Rx Men: Lucien Charland, Mat Frankel, Casey Askeland (<--and special congrats to Casey on the birth of his daughter this week!) 
Rx Women: Gabby Montenegro, Cassi Rebisz, Gretchen Gavett
Scaled Men: Matt Lagarto, Nate Butze, TJ Danenza
Scaled Women: Maura Leahy, Kristin Beville, Amy Wiswell

Coaches' Highlights
A collection of shout-outs from the coaches to athletes who displayed spirit, grit, and courage this week!

Beth Amedio made the coaches proud by giving everything she had to her first Open workout!
Karla Mendoza used a 35# dumbbell for the first time in 18.1. Wow, Karla!
Leigh Paris displayed incredible mental grit, beating her goal of 200 reps in 18.1!
Nikoleta Tsaousidis has been doing CrossFit for 3 months and jumped head first into the Open!

CrossFit Community Highlights

Kevin Ogar gets his first knee raises. If you haven't heard Kevin's inspiring story yet, check it out here.  Get your tissues ready.

The CrossFit Games Update Show gives us the lowdown on the top athletes in CrossFit:

We've got our next hint from CrossFit Games Director Dave Castro about what 18.2 is going to be. Can you guess? 

The announcement for 18.2 goes live on games.crossfit.com at 8 PM on Thursday, March 1st! 

Rachel Binette