2018 Opens Wrap-Up - 18.3

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Wow, what an event! 18.3 brought out the best in us by bringing our weaknesses to the forefront.

Week 3 Scores & Team Spirit Award: Check the Facebook page for updates on team scores and team spirit award!

Top Performances 18.3:

Rx Men: Mat Frankel (612), Matti Oberg (609), Matt Duplessis (577)
Rx Women: Cassi Rebisz (412), Gabby Montenegro (319), Ali Pappas (229)
Scaled Men: Matt Lagarto (917), Andres Gomez-Rivas (694), Nate Butze (464)
Scaled Women: Samantha Singer (836), Becky Muller (574), Meiera Stern (539)

Photos from 18.3, courtesy of TJ Danenza Photography! 

Coaches Highlights
A coaches' collection of shout-outs for the sportsmanship, spirit, and grit that make our community amazing!

Bomin Kim has been diligently working on her muscle-up technique for months, and was rewarded with getting her first during 18.3! 
Craig McMahan has been positive force throughout the Open, working hard for every rep, and 18.3 was no exception. 
Simone Kotraba was discouraged to learn that there were no scaling options for pull-ups in 18.3 and thought she had no hope of getting past them--instead she got her first pull-up and then 11 more!
Dan Appugliese was no repped on many overhead squats. With a big smile on his face and no sign of frustration, he continued to push himself to meet the ROM standards and made it back to DUs!
Carolyn Cassetina scaled 18.3 at FNL because she was unsure about the OHS at 80#. On Saturday, she did 18.3 Rx and made it through 3 Muscle Ups! 

We had more PRs this week than we can keep track of, but here is a list of everyone we could think of who got their first pull-ups, first MUs, and PRed their overhead squats. Congratulations to all of you! 

First Pull-ups
Jesse Creedy-Powers
Simone Kotraba
Craig McMahan
Elaine Metzker
Steve Monahan
Meg Steere
Tat'yana Vdovichenko

First Muscle-Ups
Bomin Kim

Overhead Squat PRs
Beth Amedio
Nick Tsantinis
Jackie Shapiro
Judy Silvan
Ashley Sullivan

Have you seen Coach Joe's article about using the CrossFit Open to steer your fitness results? We'll be keeping the content train rolling regarding working on weaknesses for the next few weeks. If there are movements you want to see content about, send us a message: info@crossfitcityline.com

From the CrossFit Community

Mike Warkentin of the CrossFit Journal doesn't care what you're good at. 

CrossFit Games athlete Emily Abbott shared her thoughts on inadequacy, a familiar feeling that comes from facing down our weaknesses. Read the full post here. 

The 18.3 Men's Leaderboard Updates:

And Women's Leaderboard Updates:

We've got our next hint from Dave Castro here, as well as a warning. Watch the LIVE announcement of 18.4 at games.crossfit.com on Thursday, 3/15 at 8 PM! Get ready for another fun FNL!