2018 Opens Wrap-Up - 18.4


18.4 is in the books! We had another week with lots of firsts to celebrate: first Rx Diane, first HSPU and HRPU, and deadlift PRs!

Week 4 Scores:

We Cannoli Win - 93
Green Monstahs - 79
Quad Squad - 78
You Wanna Pizza Me? - 76

Team Spirit Award: No surprises here, Team You Wanna Pizza Me? won the spirit award this week, because pizza. 

Top Performances 18.4:

Rx Men: Lucien Charland (138), New Dad: Mat Frankel (136), Casey Askeland (130)
Rx Women: Cassi Rebisz (136), Gretchen Gavett (111), Tarin Jackson (111)
Scaled Men: Brian Nelson (7:06), Steven Ruhl (8:13), Nate Butze (8:37)
Scaled Women: Steph Wankowicz (7:10), Kate Orlin (8:36), Samantha Jeffrey (158)

Photos courtesy TJ Danenza Photography!

Coaches Highlights
A coaches' collection of shout-outs for the sportsmanship, spirit, and grit that make our community amazing!

Sung Choi got 5 deadlifts at 315#, each one lifted from the floor with great technique. After each one, he shook his head, thinking there was no way he was going to do it again, and yet he did! 
Rita Ryan and Marianne Cameron were an unstoppable team when it came to Rita's hand-release push-ups, Marianne the biggest cheerleader and Rita fighting fiercely for every rep!
Kari Loverro is rehabbing from a shoulder injury--convinced that there was no way she was going to be able to do her first handstand pushup, she tried anyway and gave herself a major surprise and got her first one!
Allie Brouckman attempted 18.4 Rx twice on Friday, once in the morning and once in the evening to try to get her first HSPU. Throughout both workouts she was smiling, getting tips and feedback from friends and coaches, and never stopped giving each attempt her very best. This kind of grit and positivity is what makes coaches proud. 

From the CrossFit Community

Let's watch kids do CrossFit:

Did you see the news about 18.5??? For the first time in Open history, Dave Castro will allow the CrossFit community TO VOTE on what 18.5 is going to be. Make sure you tune in and cast your vote on Thursday, March 22 at 3 PM EST at games.crossfit.com. 

Next week we'll be sharing our tips for improving throughout the coming year by using our leaderboard scores from the Open. To get a head start, check out this article from Coach Rachel on Breaking Muscle: Leaderboards Done Right: Adversity and Growth.

Rachel Binette