2018 Opens Wrap-Up - 18.5 and the Intramural Winner!


What an awesome finish to this year's CrossFit Open! 

Top Scorers:

Rx Men: Lucien Charland (160), Mat Frankel (132), Casey Askeland (131)
Rx Women: Cassi Rebisz (125), Gabby Montenegro (115), Leigh Paris (102)
Scaled Men: Brian Nelson (134), Hadley Stern (103), Jon Chen (89)
Scaled Women: Steph Wankowicz (135), Allie Brouckman (133), Julie Panichella (125)

Spirit of the Open Awards!
Coaches selections for Spirit of the Open! These athletes demonstrated great sportsmanship, teamwork, and grit!

Andy Bailer - Made challenging changes to his nutrition in the weeks leading up to the Open and saw big PRs! 
Marianne Cameron - The Ultimate Cheerleader
Luke Cassereau - Always smiling and always jumping in to judge whenever we needed him, his positivity is infectious! 
Greg Dorsey - Greg started CrossFit about 6 weeks before the Open started and jumped in head first! 
Barbara Imperiali - Prepared weeks ahead of the Open for the wallball standards in her division by practicing them! 
Forrester Liddle - Tried Rxing workouts he wasn't sure he was capable of, and then encouraged others to do the same! He believed in himself and believed in others.
Rita Ryan - Rita's name might as well be Grit-a, because that's what she is--all grit! 
Mei Stern - Accomplished so much more than she thought she was capable of, and then got decked out in green to support everyone else. 
Isa Terzi - Made himself available to assist coaches at the 5:25 AM and at Friday Night Lights--we can't thank you enough, Isa!

Team Scores 18.5:

We Cannoli Win - 96
Green Monstahs - 88
Quad Squad - 75
You Wanna Pizza Me? - 75

The Team Spirit Award for 18.5 goes to.... The Green Monstahs! 

And the winner of the 2018 Intramural Open is.......


How did they know?!?! 

We Cannoli Win - 461
Green Monstahs - 438
Quad Squad - 422
You Wanna Pizza Me? -380

We Cannoli Win kept their weekly scores high by submitting their scores, wearing blue, and attending FNL the most consistently! Way to go, guys! 


Rachel Binette