2018 Opens Wrap-Up - 18.2


Welcome to the 18.2 Wrap-Up, and WOW, can we just say, way to bring the team spirit this week!

Week 2 Scores:

Green Monstahs - 89
We Cannoli Win - 85
Quad Squad - 84
You Wanna Pizza Me? - 68

Team Spirit Award: We Cannoli Win (Blue) was beat out by the Green Monstahs (Green) for the Team Spirit Award, but it was a CLOSE race! 

Top Performances 18.2: 

Rx Men: Lucien Charland (5:18), Matti Oberg (5:31), Jason Arnt (5:58)
Rx Women: Erin Vacaro (5:58), Cassi Rebisz (6:23), Gabby Montenegro (6:45)
Scaled Men: Jon Chen (8:21), Nate Butze (8:27), TJ Danenza (10:02)
Scaled Women: Elaine Metzker (8:01), Simone Kotraba (8:42), Meg Steere (9:00)

Top Performances 18.2a:

Rx Men: Casey Askeland (348), Lucien Charland (318), Eddie Melara (295)
Rx Women: Gabby Montenegro (217), Nicole Bernhardt (197), Amanda Sullivan (195)
Scaled Men: Nate Butze (215), Steve Monahan (175), Alex Mufson (162)
Scaled Women: Kristin Beville (125), Maura Leahy (125), Simone Kotraba (115)

Photos from 18.2! A huge thank you to TJ Danenza photography for the awesome memories!

Coaches' Highlights
Our shout-outs from 18.2 for those athletes who displayed great team spirit, grit, and courage this week!

Eric Riak performed the workout at 5:25 AM, then came back to give the Green Team some major support! What a monstah!
Caitlin Kudlate didn't know what was loaded on the bar when she went in for her final lift, and it turned out to be a PR of 177#! Way to go!
Meg Steere had her first Friday Night Lights experience and was an awesome judge and athlete!
Julia Huard is still battling an injury from back in the fall, but she Rxed 18.2 like a boss! 
Amanda Sullivan has been working hard on her clean and PRed at 195#! Sometimes adrenaline is the best medicine!

CrossFit Community Highlights

  • If you haven't seen it yet, Ro (Rory McKernan) Vs Boz (Adrian Bozman) is back again this year! These guys work for CFHQ and bring fun and a competitive spirit to the Open every year. 

There was a little controversy regarding Ro's performance--can you spot the no reps?

The announcement for 18.3 goes LIVE on Thursday at 8 PM! Follow the CrossFit Games on Facebook and watch at games.crossfit.com to see Kyle Kasperbauer and Neal Maddox (both Masters athletes) go head-to-head!