Success and Responsibility

Successful people, in any arena of life, but especially health, fitness and nutrition, are the ones who take responsibility.

Responsibility is the understanding that you are the reason for your current position (and your past AND future too). Your successes and failures. Wins and losses.

You are the source of what you are, have and do.

Responsibility is you accepting the phrase “if it’s going to be it’s up to me .”


It’s not burden, fault, blame, complaining, guilt or even credit. Those would include judgement. Responsibility is ownership not judgment.

Taking responsibility is pure freedom. Instead of what’s happening to you, it’s just what’s happening, you ultimately have the choice on any matter your in.

Accepting this is only to your benefit. The realization and acceptance that you always have a choice and no one makes choices for you except you provides a strong foundation based on principle not feeling or judgement.

It’s you, owning your life; and there’s nothing more powerful than that.

Mat Frankel