The Real Way to Get Results You Want

Align your habits with your desired outcome. 

One underlying (well, not so underlying
because I said it *a lot*) was this…


It’s exhausting, it puts us in a state of
zero power in our life because we are
constantly chasing an ideal and it’s just
flat out never going to happen

Think about it logically- what IS perfect?

What does it mean to do something perfectly?
No one even knows…

Look at a baseball player- if they hit well
30% of the time they are considered elite

Far from perfect, wouldn’t you say?

So what does the whole F-perfection thing
mean to you, in your life? It means a few

-focus on being 80-90% compliant, every day

-this is much easier than going 100% and then
10% because you are exhausted -set rules for
your day to help you build upon the habits
you want
-an example of my rules are, I eat a
vegetable with every meal

Now does it happen every day, all the time?
Nope, but it’s set in my daily routine so I
can strive to be compliant every day

Instead of just going “oh, I should eat more

Now I have a tangible thing that I can do
every day and look back to ask myself…did I
do this, yes or no?

No stories, because stories are what distract
us from our situation and our results (more
on this tomorrow)

So where in your life can you say

Now remember, I’m not saying you should just
go all crazy and face first into the Ben &

I’m saying do the small things each day that
lead you to a simple outcome

It takes time, it’s not a black and white
answer and yes, it’s tough

That’s why I ALWAYS recommend having a coach
(even I have one)

Here’s your opportunity to get one too