Do you limit your own potential?


“Excuses are lies about your failures to prepare.”

We are all really good at justifying why we did, or didn’t do something. We can validate our own reasons really easily.  Especially for those things in our heart of hearts we really want and know we should do or have done…but didn’t or shouldn’t have.

Making excuses is one of the worst things you can do to your potential and the version of yourself that deserves YOUR BEST.

You’re certainly bringing yourself down but you’re really bringing your potential success down.

Success is built on the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and years of consistent behaviors.

When you make excuses, you’re letting yourself off the hook. Even if you’re telling someone else why you weren’t on time, didn’t get the assignment done, didn’t act the way you should have, you’re really just trying to prove to yourself that it wasn’t your fault so that you don’t feel bad about not doing the thing you should have.

You’re lying to yourself.

Your story may be true. There may have been traffic, maybe your neighbors were throwing a huge party and you couldn’t sleep, maybe your dog really did eat your homework…but the reasons you have excuses is because you didn’t prepare or take action.

Traffic? You should have left earlier.
A loud party, ask them to be quiet. Go stay at a friends. Get noise cancelling headphones or ear plugs.
Dog problems? Put your homework on a high shelf, in your backpack or under your pillow.

Look at your excuses through a different lens and you’ll see the reason you need the excuse is because of you and something that you could have done differently.

Instead of making the excuse and using it to defend yourself, acknowledge what actually happened, allow yourself to be vulnerable, take responsibility and let the experience and feeling of guilt, shame or anger teach the valuable lesson.

Stop limiting your potential.

Take responsibility, accept the growth opportunities and learn from experience.

If there’s something you want to improve and stop making excuses for, set a goal setting session with us to set a plan and start tacking action.

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Mat Frankel