How to Make Friends At CrossFit

People talk about the workouts they do at CrossFit because they are challenging, so rewarding and unlike any they’d done before. But they talk bout the group of friends they have made at CrossFit even more than the workouts.

In our previous article, “Your Results Want New Friends” we talked about the importance of being around people who already have the results you want.

In short, when you’re around those people, their habits, actions and behaviors rub off on you. It’s a big reasons for why people who join CrossFit, meet people, make friends and spend time with others who are successful, are successful themselves.

So how do you actually meet people and make friends? Won’t it be weird? Like high school all over again…ugh those lonely lunch hours at the table solo. Not anymore!

It’ll only be weird if you make it weird (the only one who thinks you introducing yourself is weird…is you) and below are the naturally occurring times to meet people and begin to create relationships with people who will help you get the results you want without even knowing it.

  1. Warm Ups. You’re standing next to someone during the warm ups here a perfect time to meet someone. Introduce yourself or ask what the stretch your suppose to be doing is. If you’re copying them anyway, you may as well know their name! And since everyone is friendly, they’ll give you some tips.

  2. Lifting. During lifting sessions you’ll be working in pairs or a small group. Introduce yourself to the others in your group. Ask their name and how long they have been coming to CrossFit City Line. That’s it! Start there!

  3. After Workouts. When a workout ends go around the room giving people high fives or fist bumps. Say “I haven’t met you yet but you did great today!”. That does 3 things in 1, you meet someone, build a stronger City Line community and you make someones day with the compliment!

  4. Mid Workout. When you walk (or run) by someone in the middle of a workout, reach out and give them the international signal of “you’re awesome”, a high five. When someone does that to you, it’ll reenergize you and help you keep going.

  5. Team Workouts. When you’re new, you may think that people won’t want to be your partner, or you’ll hold someone up in a workout…you won’t. Look around and ask someone to be your partner who you’ve never met before. In the middle of the workout they’ll be wishing you’d slow down and you the same of them!

  6. Social Events. Show up for events that we throw at the gym and outside of the gym. Even if it’s your first week, you can and should participate. We share social events on the website Blog and Facebook page. Click here to join it!

  7. The Facebook Page. People are social, fun and engaging. People post about all things on our page, from looking for babysitter and pet care to inviting others out to events they are hosting.

  8. Try new things! There are people who love to run, work on pull-ups and push ups, practice, mountain bike, ski, and the list goes on. If you’re interested in something, or you do something that you want to share with the group, share it! Post on the Facebook page and you’ll most likely end up with an awesome group of people joining you for the thing you love doing.

Mat Frankel