Your Results Want New Friends

Your Results Want New Friends

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”
Have you ever heard that before? If not, you should read it again. And again. And again.

The people you surround yourself with are the type of people you will become.

It’s called the Proximity Principle. You will tend to form relationships, copy behaviors, habits and a lifestyle of that is the same as the people you are around most often.
To simplify - people rub off on each other.
Who you spend time with really matters!

When you start going to the gym, getting the results that you see other people have may seem foreign, challenging or honestly, at some level you may think that you can’t get them.

That’s because you haven’t spent enough time with the people who have those results. You haven’t built the circle of people around you who will rub off on you with the habits, actions and behaviors that will lead you to getting those results.

This is why CrossFit City Line is amazing. There’s no egos. No judgement, only support and encouragement.

You have to DO the things that will create success. If your friends are people who do them regularly, you’ll end up doing them too. This goes for healthy and non-healthy habits and actions.

Start meeting people in the gym, becoming friends with them and spending time in (and out) of the gym with them. You’ll start to become like them and those results don’t seem so foreign anymore, not for you, because you’re art of the group that has them!

Start spending more time around people who have what you want! If you want the look, ability, feeling, body composition, or something else, that others have, they need to become your circle, your tribe.

You’ll soak up all the action (and thinking) habits, behaviors.

Making friends and meeting people at CrossFit City Line is a hallmark of the CrossFit program, it’s community based. It won’t be weird, and won’t feel like trying to make friends in high school. Read this article about how to make friends in the gym to start building your circle.

Mat Frankel