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How to Use Open Gym

What is Open Gym?
Can I use it?
What can I do?
Have you ever missed classes on a day that you wanted to train? Open Gym is a time you can make it up or do other training fun, but we know that it can be intimidating to come in and not really know what to do. Read on for our best practices for Open Gym use!

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Even Better Than Goal Setting

 Setting goals is easy. If we made a list of goals we've set for ourselves and subsequently abandoned, it would fill pages.

It is a completely different matter to attain our goals. Achieving goals requires consistent hard work over a long period of time, long after our initial motivation has flagged. Let's rework the goal setting system to provide lasting motivation. 


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Rachel BinetteGoal Setting, Goals
Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Have you ever finished a workout satisfied that you went fast or heavy, only to feel disappointed in yourself after seeing someone else’s results?

Do you feel that you have to look at the leaderboard in order to determine what weight or how fast or how many rounds you should be shooting for in the workout?

Learning the frame of mind for success will get you there quicker. Read on to learn how to get in the mind set. 

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