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Barbell Betty's

"The reason I love a barbell is because I feel strong! When my hands are on the bar, I know I'm powerful. I want other women to feel that same amazing feeling and get the same results I've seen from weightlifting." - Coach Cassi

Barbell Betty's is back! 

For 6 weeks starting October 10th, Coach Cassi will lead a group of lucky women on a journey through the world of weightlifting. They'll squat and lunge. They'll deadlift and pull up.  They'll press. They'll sweat. They'll use chalk.  They'll do all the fun, gritty stuff usually left to the untidy domain of the men. And this time around you'll be able to pair Betty's with our Nutrition Coaching Program! 

This small group program meets 2x/week (for 6 weeks) on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8-9 PM.  Betty's CAN be mixed in with regular CrossFit WODs. On both days Betty's will lift and on one day they'll also do some fun conditioning.


In the last session of Betty's, 9 women added on the new Nutrition Coaching Program and they saw some major results!  Over the course of 6 weeks with Betty's and Nutrition those 9 women lost a total of 36 lbs. and 22" - AND set some big PRs! 


And nutrition is back for this session too!


Our usual Nutrition Coaching Program is 1-on-1 for 4 weeks. By adding on the Nutrition Coaching Program to your Barbell Betty's program you'll be getting an additional 2 weeks of Nutrition Coaching! We'll provide you with accountability, a custom plan and a system to get great results along with an awesome group of women to support you through it all! 


Betty and nutrition is open to members and non-members. Read more here!


There are 18 spots up for grabs. 

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