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The Athlete's System - Round Two

We believe in providing our athletes with a program that is going to give them lasting results. The Athlete's System is a 90-day coaching, accountability, and support experience that has the potential to change your life. You'll learn to take control of how you eat to improve body composition and performance, while still eating the food you love.

Nothing compares to surrounding ourselves with people who share our goals--that's why we love CrossFit! It inspires us to continue to strive when we share the struggle with others. This is a group program, so you'll be learning with and supported by a team of fellow athletes who share your goals and dedication. 

  • 3 InBody Scans - Before, at 6 Weeks, and After
  • Personalized macro goals every week. 
  • Self-tracking, eat the food you love. 
  • Facebook group to ask questions and seek out advice and resources from coaches and fellow athletes.

Last round's results speak for themselves:


At The Athlete's System Kick Off on Saturday, April 14th, we teach you why the system works and how it will work for your specific goals.

When: Saturday, April 14th - Friday, July 13th
Cost: $99/month for 3 months. 

Earn your money back! Athletes who sign up for The Athlete's System will receive their money back for each month they are compliant! This means that the athlete meets their macro goals within 5 grams every day of the month, with two days as "cheat days," where the athlete meets their macro goals within 20 gram on those two days. 

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