I might miss a week or two, should I still do it?

  • Yes. If you miss a week or 2 you and your team won't be penalized. There are no negative points. Still sign up.

Will I slow my team down or hold them up?

  • Opens Workouts are not team workouts, you’ll do the workout on your own. You won’t end up holding anyone up.

What if I can’t do the workout?

  • Just like in class, if there’s a movement that you’re currently unable to do, there are modifications. CrossFit HQ provides a scaled version of the workout every week that you can do! If there’s more modifications needed we’re here to assist.

If I can't come Friday, can I do the workout at any other point?

  • Saturday, 11 AM or Monday.

  • You must provide your own judge.

  • Best time is outside of class time. Allowance to do it during class time will be up to the coaches discretion. Coaches may say “No” if equipment/space/safety issue.

I’m not a competitor.

  • It’s not about competing to beat someone or have a higher score. The Open is about what we do every day, improving everything that goes into the word fitness. Competition is a part of the Open in a fun way and competition, and the spirit that comes with it can bring out the best in you.