The Opens is the yearly event that CrossFitters at CFCL and around the world do! It's a fun challenge that's filled with camaraderie and achievement. Be part of the CrossFit community!

Join the intramural opens here at CFCL! Whether you've been here for 1 week or 6 years, you can, and should be part of this community event. It's what CFCL athletes do! 

Why join the Intramural Opens?

  • For the same reason you do CrossFit, to improve. This is an opportunity to accomplish, achieve and do. 
  • Stay accountable to your fitness during the dark months (February/March) 
  • Push yourself while in a supportive, encouraging and exciting atmosphere. 
  • Be part of the CrossFit community. You do CrossFit, now be a CrossFitter. 
  • It's what CrossFitters and CFCL-ers do. 

Heres what happens:

  • Weekly Opens Events are released by CrossFit HQ Thursday nights at 8 PM. Events will be the class WOD on Fridays. 
  • Intramural Team Events are on Friday nights! (If you can't make it and think you shouldn't participate, think again and read here!)
  • Each week you'll earn your team more points. At the end of 5 weeks, the team with the highest points wins! 

More Details below:

Intramural Open Team Events - Friday nights, first heat kicking off at 6:00 PM.

  • CFCL will be open Friday night 5-6PM as an un-coached hour, not class. Come in and workout (exactly like Open Gym) regardless of membership type, open to all CFCL athletes. 

  • If you're not able to come Friday nights, you will still get your team points by coming during the day or at another point, Saturday or Monday! (Learn more here!) 

Sign up for Friday night heats - weekly!

  • A new sign up spreadsheet will be posted to Facebook and linked on the website every week for the upcoming Friday night team event. 

Want to know more about the point system? Click here. 
Have concerns that aren't answered in the FAQ, email us!