New Year Referral Special

Most of your friends probably know you do CrossFit. 

They may want to do it, too, but going to a gym alone can be intimidating. If you don't know anyone there, it can be even more of a reason not to go. 

That's why we're giving you and a friend you refer a sweet deal. 

Refer someone during January and you'll get 50% off your upcoming monthly membership AND they'll get 50% off too!

They may not think they can do it (we all know they can) and your motivation could make all the difference. 

To refer a friend email us with your friend CC'd and we'll take it from there. Click below to email. 

*Discount applies to group programs only, not personal training, nutrition programs or private beginners program sessions. 
*New to CrossFit: must start in the Beginners Program; an intimidation free and fun group program for new athletes.
*Done CrossFit before/former CFCL member: Must have at least 3 months experience within the last year, or over 1 full year of experience to join regular group classes. 
*Refer multiple people and for each person who signs up you'll receive another 50% off, making your next month free (2 referrals) and following month half off (3 referrals).